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“How to Lose at Deposition”  January 2019

Deposition is not a fair fight.  Your witness is outgunned by a savvy attorney.  Here are specific areas to assess and then address with training to keep your witness from getting torpedoed.  Read the full article

Attorney at Law Magazine

“Witness Prep:  When is it Enough? ” April 2019

How long does it take to prepare a witness?  Here are tips on what to look for, the one-two punch of training, the 30-minute test – and the #1 mistake attorneys make when preparing their witness.  Read the full article

“When the Truth Looks Like a Lie ” November 2018

If the jury misinterprets your witness’ body language, they could think the witness is lieing.  Here are the 4 commonly overlooked body language signals to diagnose and then correct.  Read the full article

“Don’t Let Your Witness Get Hijacked”  October 2018

Your witness is not a match for a savvy attorney during deposition or cross examination.  Making them ripe to be emotionally hijacked.  Here’s how to train your witnesses to be prepared and foil hijacking attempts.  Read the full article

“Ignite Your Influence” August 2018

Don’t let a lack of confidence stall your career.  Here are specific steps to help you build skills so your experience and expertise shine in every instant. Read the full article

Arizona Attorney Expert Witness Guide 2018

When Your Expert’s Expertise Isn’t Enough

What are juries looking for in an expert?  How can you make sure you hire an expert who can  make that all-important emotional connection to your jury?    Read the full article

Arizona CPA Magazine

“The Secret to Engage and Persuade Jurors” July/August 2018

For expert witnesses, stunning credentials are not enough.  Unravel the secret set of skills you must have to engage and persuade a jury.   Read the full article

Reptile Theory

“Reptile Theory: Bad Science, Good Results” April 2017  

What is Reptile Theory, how is it supposed to work, why it doesn’t really work that way, and the 6 key psychological and neurophysiological components that are working.  Read the full article

Attorney at Law Magazine

“How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Expert Witness” May 2018

Tips to keep you from hiring an expert who might hurt your case.   Read the full article

“The Secret to Eradicating Bad Habits of Witnesses” March 2018

This simple secret will help you get better testimony from your witnesses, saving you time and frustration.  Read the full article

“Don’t Make These Mistakes When Preparing Your Witnesses”  December 2017

What do you do when you have a rambling, ranting witnesses?  Here are 3 mistakes that attorneys often make and an easy practice to overcome the problem.  Read the full article

“Spot a Problem Witness Before It’s Too Late” March 2017  When you’re hip deep in a case, how do you take a fresh look at witness(es)?  He’s a 30-minute assessment to help you.  Read the full article

“Better Testimony in Three Steps” December 2016  Most novice witnesses are lacking in confidence - and it shows. Here is a simple 3-step process that will give them the confidence it takes to come across well to the jury.  Rea the full article

“Don’t Let Stereotypes Sink Your Case or Career”  September 2016  Where do stereotypes come from and how can you turn a problem into an opportunity?   Read the full article

“Five Ways to Turn a Handshake into an Advantage”  July 2016  It only takes 3 seconds to have an effect on your next negotiation, settlement or high-stakes conversation.  See how something you do all the time can give you an advantage.  Read the full article

“Letting Your Client Rant & Rave May Help Your Case”  March 2016  There is actually science behind this unusual idea.  See how it could help your client and your case.  Read the full article

“How to Make a Killer First impression” December 2015  First impressions create a powerful foundation for conversations, meetings or presentations.     Read the full article

High-Stakes Communication Newsletter

“My 3 Hours with Jodi Arias’ Jury Foreman”  The morning after the hung jury in the penalty phase of the Jodi Arias capital murder trial, what did foreman Bill Zervakos have to say about the trial, the jury, and their deliberations?     Read the full article

“Is Anyone Paying Attention to You?” A recent study showed that as much as 47% of our waking hours are spent in a “distracted” state.  What does that mean to your success in the workplace?   Read the full article

“ESQ Newsletter”

“Why Tell People Why” It’s easy to get in a hurry and not tell your listener “why” you are doing something or made a particular decision.  But, taking a minute to do so can build trust and save time.  Read the full article    

Arizona CPA Magazine

“Improve Your Communication, Improve Your Business” gives professionals four skills to help build stronger and more lucrative relationships with clients.    Read the full article  

“Facts and Findings” The (national) Magazine for Paralegals

“The Power of First Impressions” January 2012    Read the full article

“Digest” (Arizona Paralegal Association)

A 4-articles series written exclusively for paralegals to improve their communication skill at work:

“The Power of First Impressions,” September 2011    Read the full article

“The Backwards Path to Successful Communication,” October 2011    Read the full article

“Speed Up Productivity,” November 2011    Read the full article

“Instant Communication or Instant MIScommunication?” December 2011    Read the full article


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