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About High-Stakes Communication


 After more than 30 years in the tough world of television production, Deborah established   High-Stakes Communication in 2008, leveraging decades of experience and expertise in a new venture.  Her goal was to provide distinct communications services for high-stakes or high-risk situations: trial, deposition, divorce proceedings, media interviews, speeches or industry presentations, or crisis communication situations.

Deborah believes that every person has a right to tell their story.  But more important, they have a right to be heard.  So, our mission focuses on providing our clients with the skills and materials to deliver high-impact messages, no matter what the setting – in the courtroom, the boardroom or in front of the media. We help each individual come across or “show up” in a way they can be heard and understood, in order to make that all-important emotional connection with their listeners.  Then we help them craft meaningful messages with powerful content.   

Our work spans the globe: England, Australia, Vancouver, BC, Washington, DC, Seattle, Portland, Orange County, Atlantic City, Dallas, Nashville, and throughout the Southwest.

In working with clients, we stand as a partner in their journey and success.

High-Stakes Communication conducts business with a strong Midwest work ethic and a commitment to excellence. Nothing less is acceptable.

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