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Virginia Trial Lawyers Conference

3/31/17 Deborah has been invited as a plenary speaker for the annual conference.  She will be speaking on the inside secrets about preparing witnesses that you don’t learn in law school.

Virginia Society of CPAs “Business Valuation, Fraud, and Litigation Conference”

10/28-29/15 Deborah has been invited to lecture and participate in annual conference for professionals seeking to improve their expert witness skills.  

EXCELerate: 2015  International Women Business Owners Conference, Vancouver, BC

9/30-10/2 Deborah has been invited to present at the conference on how to distinguish yourself by developing exemplary communication skills.    

Elected Director of Education, National Association of Legal Professionals

1/9/14 Deborah has been installed as the Director of Education for the 2014 Board for the Phoenix chapter.

Trial Consultant Appearance on KPHO CBS 5

Deborah appeared during live coverage of the Jodi Arias capital murder trial to comment on the guilty verdict and the hung jury at the penalty phase.   View videos

ABA TIPS Leadership Academy, Dallas, TX

By invitation, Deborah spoke at the mid-year meeting on “Dealing with the Media in High-Profile Cases.”  She brings more than 30 years experience in newsrooms around the country and as a freelance producer for ABC, CBS, NBC, Court TV, and Oprah.

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