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After years of verbal and psychological battering, this client was a wreck.  Her attorney was concerned the judge would “hate her.” She constantly spewed out vitriolic contempt for her husband.  A simple question elicited a 5-minute, rambling answer. She was physically agitated.

The challenges: get her feeling safe, get her to trust us, get her focused on key points, and get her to see how her current behavior was hindering her case.  

Our approach:  We listened at a deep and intuitive level. This built trust.  By patiently taking the time to let her empty out all her concerns and know she was heard, we created a space for her to learn new skills.  By videotaping her, we made her aware of how counterproductive her current behavior was.

Then we drilled new skills: how to listen, how to answer concisely and on point, how to behave calmly and stay focused. More videotaping showed the client how well these new skills would play in the outside world, building her confidence.

The outcome:  in the words of her attorney, “the judge loved her”, heard her, and she prevailed in a multi-million dollar settlement.

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