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Testimonials for High-Stakes Communication

Witness Preparation

“Deborah Johnson was one of the most valued members of our legal team – I wouldn’t go to trial without her from the get-go.  She helped our senior executives organize and present their evidence for a major piece of litigation for our company.  As in-house counsel directing a large legal team to negotiate complex trial issues, I relied on Deborah’s expertise to manage our witnesses and help them maximize their contribution.  Bad witnesses became what the jury called “beloved, credible” witnesses.  Deborah’s advice was candid, critically important and welcome.  The long-lasting rewards of what I learned from her are benefiting me in personnel management and clear communications.  You’ll save three times over in legal fees what you spend on Deborah’s consultation services.”

Catherine Chow

Director of Legal Services

THE KEG Canada Ltd.

“We employed Deborah Johnson of High-Stakes Communication to assist with the preparation of a witness for a deposition and possibly testimony at trial.  I found Deborah to be remarkably helpful, professional and most importantly, effective.   Without hesitation, I recommend consideration of Deborah as part of the team to assist with witness preparation.”

Henry Stein

Stein & Stein

“Dear Deborah:

Thank you for making such a HUGE difference in my life.  I will never forget the things you have taught me. Thank you for being honest and frank with me and telling me what I needed to hear.”

            Prevailing Party in a multi-million dollar divorce case, Orange County, CA

“Thank you so much for your assistance in the O’Hara matter.  Your help in getting Bob prepared for his deposition was truly invaluable.  Truthfully, he would have been a very poor witness for us had you not worked with him for those three days prior. After your coaching, though, he ended up doing a great job—we could not have asked for much more from an 87-year old witness—and it was due in very large part to your help. Thanks again.” 

Roger W. Hall
            BuchalterNemer, A Professional Corporation

Day-in-the-Life Video Production

“I wanted to let you know that we got a full policy limits offer of $1,000,000.00 from the insurance company on the (personal injury) case.  We feel that the day-in-the-life video was a big contributor to that and you did an amazing job!  (The attorney) wanted me to let you know that he is going to send out a notice on the list-serve with an excellent recommendation for you.  There are over 500 plaintiff’s attorneys joined on that list-serve, so hopefully it brings you some much deserved business.

Personal Injury firm, Phoenix, AZ 


“I highly recommend Deborah’s presentation.  It is the best CLE I’ve held all year!  Deborah has great insight on people and how their personalities affect their communication.  She draws participants into the subject and captures their attention with her humor and knowledge.  We will definitely have her back!”

Sharon Williams

Marketing and Recruiting Coordinator

            Gammage & Burnham

“Your topic on High-Stakes Communication came just at the right time for my management consulting and coaching work.  You revealed 3 categories of motivation that gave me new insights into personal and professional relationships, and your remarks about clarifying the intent confirmed my beliefs about its importance in all communication.”  

Kay Sever, CMC

OptimiZ Consulting LLC

“As a family mediator and attorney, I constantly work with clients who are in emotionally charged situations.  Deborah’s presentation on the ’Rule of 93’ along with her explanation of peoples’ 3 basic learning styles, have been a great enhancement to my daily conversations with clients.”   

Shari Capra

Shari M Capra Mediation

“YOU were so awesome and your presentation to the students on personal communication was one of the most impactful evenings they had all year….what you taught made one of the biggest differences to them personally!”

Lynda Bishop

Program Director

Young Entrepreneur’s Academy Phoenix

AZ Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation

“Her tremendous and varied experience, gives her unique insights into what diverse audiences want, need, perceive and how to communicate to them effectively.”

Joe Barnes
            President/Chief Consulting Officer

Joseph Barnes and Associates

Media Training

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Deborah to assist me in doing live television interviews. These interviews can certainly be daunting because they are fast paced and sometimes surround topics outside of your expertise. It definitely is different than appearing in Court. Fortunately, Deborah was able to provide me with some keen insight and advice about how to sound like an expert, speak effectively, and look the part, while at the same time coming off naturally to the audience. It really gave me a lot of peace of mind to know that Deborah was in my corner. I saw results immediately and noticed a tremendous difference in my presentation after having met with Deborah. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Ben J. Himmelstein, Esq.

Senior Counsel

Frutkin Law Firm, PLC

“It was amazing to watch you work (with my client), taking him so precisely from one area to the next.  It was perfect.  I feel he left a changed man.  I will continue to encourage anyone who wants clarity about how to express themselves clearly and precisely - to contact you.”

Sally Baker
            Chief Idea Officer

Great Ideas PR, Inc.

Presentation Coaching

“If my delivery reflected only one-half of the quality of the content of the speech, I am well satisfied.  We clearly made a splash at an event very important to our initiative to penetrate the Australian market.”

John Cole

VP and General Manager

Motorola Information Security Systems and Products Division

“Thank you so much for helping me to prepare for my speech to the South Carolina Bar.  I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Karen Fine

Karen Fine CPA, Charleston, SC

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