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Personality/Learning Tests

Below are several tests/surveys for you to learn more about yourself – and others.  Why?  By understanding how you learn and process information, what motivates you, and even what your work style is, you can have a richer understanding of how you are the same and how you are different from those you communicate with.  This in turn allows you to be more effective in what you say, and how you say it.   

Learning Styles

Print out and take this 10-minute test to see if you are primarily a visual, an auditory or a kinesthetic learner.  Learn the characteristics of each.  And then you will be able to broaden your presentations or give speeches to engage and persuade the largest possible audience.

 Learning Styles Test

VALS: Values and Lifestyles Survey

Research from Stanford University helps you understand what motivates your decision-making.  
While it is primarily about consumer behavior, it will give you insight into what motivates you and how that might be dramatically different from what motivates others.  It is particularly useful if you are involved in negotiations, mediations or any kind of settlements. Many people tell me that it helps them have a better understanding of their spouse or significant other.  
Take the VALS Survey   And here is the link to an explanation of the different groups. VALS Types


The DISC assessment, like many other kinds of personality or working style assessments (such as Myers Briggs) gives you a look at four different groups and how they operate in the workplace. Here is a short version, which will give you a brief estimate of your style.  Take the short test  If you are interested in a little more depth, this test is 40 questions and will give you a better analysis of yourself. Take this longer test

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