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Witness Preparation

Could he torpedo your case?  

What would it cost you?  What would it cost your client?  What’s the risk of having him melt down or blow up?  Want to ensure that does not ever happen?

We take on the challenging witnesses:  executives, doctors, pro athletes, blue collar workers, distraught family members.  You know, the abrasive or scared or defensive or egotistical ones. The ones who don't listen, who know more than anyone in the room, the non-stop talkers, the deer-in-the-headlights ones, the way-out-there emotional ones.

Those are the witnesses we actually like  to work with.  Because we fundamentally believe that every person has a story to tell. something to say.  More important, they have a right to be heard. But all that problematic behavior gets in the way of the judge, the jury, or even opposing counsel hearing what the witness has to say.  Our job is to teach them how to be heard.  And how to be an asset to your case.   

Over the years we have developed our own methods of getting to the root cause of these distracting behaviors.  For example, we know from research that the brain can’t learn in a state of fear or stress.  The circuitry is disturbed.  So, we do what we call “quieting the inner chatter” and then “setting an anchor.”  It allows the witness to work from their own internal place of safety and strength.

We provide constructive instruction to teach them now to replace those problematic behaviors. We videotape the work sessions to allow witnesses to see for themselves how counterproductive their old behaviors are.  In one case a client watched herself for the first time and blurted out, “Oh, my God!  That woman is pitiful.”  Exactly!  And then we practice, practice, practice,  What emerges is a credible, concise, confident witness who can stand up under stress.  

“Deborah Johnson was one of the most valued members of our legal team – I wouldn’t go to trial without her from the get-go.  She helped our senior executives organize and present their evidence for a major piece of litigation for our company.”

Catherine Chow

Director of Legal Services

THE KEG Canada Ltd.

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