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Deborah is a sought-after international speaker.  She has been teaching continuing education and doing presentations for over 25 years.  She practices what she teaches.  Her presentations are visually interesting, intellectually engaging, and packed with real-life stories of success and failures.   

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Witness Preparation

If you spend time “telling” a witness what they should do under oath, that’s an effective strategy about 30% of the time.  How do you get case-winning testimony the other 70%?  Scientists, psychologists, master teachers and great interviewers have answers for you in this CLE.  

Build a Case the Jury Will Embrace

Learn from a six-time EMMY Award-winning producer how to “produce” your case to engage the jury throughout the trial.  How to reach media savvy 21st Century juries.  How to put the jury “inside” your case by leveraging your real estate in the courtroom… and much more.

Communication in High-Stakes Situations

What you say and how you say it are paramount to your success.  In this CLE get a fresh perspective on significantly improving your communication skills to more effectively reach your listener and increase your success – with less effort.  RE: Rule 45 attorneys may consider this for ETHICS credit.


How to Handle the Media

Learn from a 20-year veteran of newsrooms around the country – what the media wants, how to get what you want, and how to make the most of an interview - whether it’s friendly or hostile.

The Secret of High-Impact Communication (hint: it’s not what you say!)

Nonverbal communication sets a powerful foundation for every conversation you have.  Break through unconscious habits to have greater impact and a better bottom-line.  Dramatically improve your skills when there is a lot on the line.  Learn how to be more confident and influential in your professional and personal life.