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Even the Best Can Get Better.

We want to make sure your voice is heard in meetings or groups.  That you have more positive influence in every conversation.  That you are more persuasive in the courtroom or boardroom.  

We know from years of experience that great communication is more than what you say. Surprisingly, your words are only a small part of what you communicate.  How you “show up “ and how you “come across” are actually 90% of your impact.  

That’s why we work organically with you - coaching and teaching.  We evaluate everything from your handshake to your tone of voice to your body language.  We videotape you so that you  see for yourself how you come across.  This accelerates your improvement.  

Then layer onto that your messages, the critical final element of communication.  We help you clarify who your focus on you – who you are, how you want to be perceived and what your goals are.  Isolate areas for improvement and

What emerges is an authentic, powerful and persuasive professional.  Contact us to see how we can support you with our unique coaching.

“Deborah was able to provide me with some keen insight and advice about how to sound like an expert, speak effectively and look the part, while at the same time coming off naturally to the audience.  It really gave me a lot of peace of mind to know that Deborah was in my corner.  I saw results immediately and notices a tremendous difference in my presentation.  After having met with Deborah I would recommend her to anyone.”

Ben J. Himmelstein, Esq.

Senior counsel

Frutkin Law Firm, PLC


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