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The Take-away Game

This simple, but extremely effective, practice will help you and your witnesses achieve significantly better testimony.  

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Dealing with Your Client’s Emotions

Don’t know what to do when clients drag their messy emotions into your office?  Here’s a tip that will help you be more productive.

Pattern Interrupt

This secret will quickly and easily stop your witness’ bad habits… and make them much better at deposition, trial or hearings.

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When Your Expert’s Expertise Isn’t Enough

When it come to persuading a jury, expertise isn’t enough.  It takes “soft” skills to make that all-important connection.  

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2 Keys to Bulletproof Your Experts

Here are 2 specific steps to help prepare your experts for the most treacherous testimony.

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3 Keys to Vet for Soft Skills

Here are 3 specific things to vet when you’re hiring an expert  for your high-stakes case.

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Never Overlook  Preparing Your Expert

2 key practices to make sure your expert witness is well-prepared.

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