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Opening Statements / Closing Arguments

Strengthen your case, from first word to last.

Your expertise is the law.  

Our expertise is words.  Writing for the spoken word is a very exclusive skill. We have more than 30 years of EMMY Award-winning writing experience to offer.

We start with your audience: who they are,  what they want, what will connect with them, what they expect, what they already know.  We overlay our experience and expertise in how people learn and understand.  So that every member of the jury can absorb and understand your arguments and evidence.   

We anticipate what your jury is looking for and craft a message that will engage them.  It’s not only about what you want your audience to know.  It’s also about what you want them to feel. And ultimately what you want them to do.  

Next, we capture you – your voice, your style, your cadence, your personality. Only then do we sit down to write.  We craft and hone the language for maximum emotional connection.       

We deliver an opening statement and/or closing argument that will captivate and persuade your jury.  

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