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How Your Nonverbal Communication Speaks Volumes

Take control of this part of your communication.

3 Tips to Make a Killer First Impression

Make a great first impression by using these 3 simple tips.

Why “WHY” is so Critical to Successful Conversations

3 reasons why you should always tell your listener “WHY” you arrived at the bottom line or your conclusions.

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Making a Better Connection to the Jury or any Audience

The secret is simple and you can find out in just a few minutes.

What’s with Cosby’s Attorney?

Four mistakes Cosby’s attorney made at a press statement.  Can this influence the jury pool?

What if Bill Cosby Were Your Witness?

Three questions to ask yourself when preparing your  witnesses for trial.

3 Phrases that Will Torpedo Your Witness Preparation

Here are 3 simple things that witnesses say that will torpedo your preparation if you let them get away with it.

5 Ways to Turn a Handshake into an Advantage

See how a good handshake will improve your odds at negotiation or settlement or in high-stakes conversations.

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When Your Client is Stuck on “I’m right, they’re wrong.”

Here are 3 tips for helping your client get focused on winning instead of being “right.”

Don’t Get Stuck with a Stereotype

If you’re not the stereotypical “attorney” what do you do about people’s expectations.  Here are 3 tips to seize the opportunity.  

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Turn a Negative Stereotype of Your Client Around

What if the judge or jury have a negative stereotype of your client?  Here are 3 tips to get beyond that stereotype.

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A “Magic” Trick for Witnesses Prep

Here is a little bit of “magic” to help your witnesses embed the key themes of your case.  It’s easy to do and very effective.  

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Helping Overly Emotional Witnesses

2 simple questions that help your witnesses be calm, concise and confident.

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Feeling “Safe” Equals Better Testimony

A simple concept from psychology can help your witnesses show up calm and more confident.

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3 Steps to Better Witness Prep (pt.1)

How well your witness does is pivotal to the success of your case.  Here’s the #1 key to doing well.

3 Steps to Better Witness Prep (pt.2)

Want your problem witnesses to be better?  Here are the 3 steps.  

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